Would you like to transform your yacht’s down time in a revenue operating generation?

If you are ready to place your yacht into the charter market, together with Navigare Worldwide Ltd. it is easy to get started. Simply cross out the weeks you’ll be using the yacht and share the yacht’s availability for bookings with your Navigare charter agent.  From that moment your yacht will be placed into a charter market network of clients, brokers, and charter marketing agents from all over the world! The worldwide contacts through the Navigare’s networks will generate immediately opportunities for your yacht. The Navigare’s staff will aggressively market your yacht on internet planet through its net works and e-newsletters, advertising and through an established relationship with charter brokers worldwide! With a commitment to Navigare Worldwide Ltd, in little time your yacht will no longer be an economic burden for you. Moreover, the exposure to a worldwide market establishes the yacht’s identity and enhances its resale value. Please, find our proposals below...

  • Charter Marketing Pack includes the promotion of your yacht to our party of clients, using an international net of brokers and promoting the yacht in the most important boat shows that are reserved only to the brokers. In this case we ask the owners a good cooperation. Infact we advise it to who is already experienced on chartering (charter licenses, crew brevets, charter agreements, insurances, check in and out, compliance management). For this service our commissions are 20% on the net price paid by the client for each booking.


  •  Full charter Marketing Pack includes Charter Marketing Pack + consultancy on charter licenses, crew brevets, charter agreements, insurances and compliance management. For this service our commissions are 25% on the net price paid by the client for each booking.
  • Maintenance and Crew Management Pack. When your yacht needs maintenance is easy to spend more money than is necessary. Maybe because you don't have time to follow the jobs or because you don't have good contacts with the shipyards. Our goal is to save more money than you could spend if you do it yourself. This extra fee depends on the job required and usually it varies between 5/10% on the net amount of spending item.

To better finalize our offer, it is very important to have more information about your yacht.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, thanks and best regards

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